About The Brighton ZiP

Fun for all the family!

The Brighton Zip family attraction is for thrill seekers of all ages and background. Having paid either in person or online, you are given a full safety briefing, where upon guests are taken to the top of a 24m platform (30m above sea level) from which they are launched.

The experience runs for 300m along twin wires thus allowing friends or family to zip alongside each other to a beach landing platform to the east of the site, if they so desire. It is the longest Zip Wire along the South Coast.

Our chosen constructor for the Zip Wire is JM Adventure who have constructed high rope and zip attractions throughout the UK and Europe for over 14 years with clients including local authorities, the MOD, and CentreParcs and other leading private sector attraction operators.

All the equipment is designed and inspected to EN15567-1 2015 standards, and staff are trained to the highest standards with safety being the number one priority.

Will you dare take the challenge?


The Brighton Drop Zone

To compliment the Zip-Wire, there is a 24m Vertical Drop zone for those looking for an additional thrill.

This experience uses the same platform as the Zip and a ‘fan descender’ to give the experience of ‘free-fall’ before landing the rider carefully on the deck.


Take the Challenge and conquer the Brighton Zip

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Please beware before you purchase your tickets at Brighton Zip we operate a


The Brighton Zip and Drop Zone can be experienced in most weather conditions and is an all year-round attraction.

However, rides on the Zip and Drop Zone may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, high frost and high winds being more significant issues, with opening and riding decisions being made at the management’s discretion.  We publish on our website if we are closed due to weather conditions.

Our tickets are valid up to a year, so if you can’t make your scheduled slot for any reason, you can come along at any time and still use your ticket. If on the day, after your ticket has been redeemed, you choose not to participate in the zip, we are happy to set your ticket to redeemable again and you are welcome to come down on another day to participate in the zip.  Tickets can also be gifted/transferable to another person(s).

By continuing your purchase you are accepting all our terms and conditions.



Brighton Zip will be opening 4th July

Opening times 12pm – 6pm weekends only

Booking is strongly advised.

When attending Brighton Zip we ask all customers to wear a face mask as most of your experience is face to face.

All bookings previously purchased are valid for a year (from purchase date). If your ticket(s) is reaching this limit please contact us at info@brightonzip.com for further validation time on your purchase(s).


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