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About the Brighton Zip

Our COVID-19 Procedures

Let me take you through your COVID-19 journey here at The Brighton Zip....

When you arrive at Brighton Zip you will notice we have a one way system. Please follow this to minimise traffic crossing over each other.

1. Signing into the new legal requirement Track and Trace.  You can do this via the App or Paper form (if you're unable to use the app)

2. Signing our waiver form using our QR code.  No phone? don't you worry you can sign in via our Tablet.  To which the tablet is sanitised after every customer.

3. Placing all items in the locker (free charge!)

4. Let the real journey begin!... you will then be kitted up by our trained staff with a safety briefing before we let you climb our impressive 30m spirial staircase.  Where our employee's await your arrival to take flight zipping 300m down across Brighton beach.  Landing at our ship hull where we will pull you in and declip you from the line.

5. Last part of the journey ... a lovely walk along Brighton promenade back to our de-kitting area.  This is where we remove all your safety equipment and clean/sanitise all equipment.  We use a UVC wand to ensure all harnesses are free from all bacteria.

All our staff are wearing masks to ensure we protect YOU and ourselves.  At every station you will find sanitiser to ensure you are keeping your hands free from spreading any potential spores.

What is the Brighton Zip?

The Brighton Zip is a thrill ride for Brighton Seafront which provides a memorable activity for locals and visitors alike. The Brighton Zip is specifically designed for Brighton, and it is the only one of it's size in Sussex, and the longest zip wire on the South coast at 300m long! Additionally to the 300m twin zip ride, there is a dropzone offering a 24m freefall experience.

What happens in bad weather?

The Brighton Zip and Drop Zone can be experienced in most weather conditions and is an all year-round attraction. However, rides on the Zip and Drop Zone may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, high frost and high winds being more significant issues, with opening and riding decisions being made at the managements discretion. We advise our customers to keep an eye on our website and social media for weather updates, and any concerns please look at our booking terms and conditions. If for any reason you cannot make your pre-booked session or if the Zip is closed due to adverse weather conditions, your ticket is valid for one year and there is no need to re-book.

What is your refund policy?

We operate a no refund policy at the Brighton Zip, however our tickets are valid for up to a year, so if you can't make your scheduled slot for any reason, you can come along at any time and still use your ticket. If on the day, after your ticket has been redeemed, you choose not to participate in the zip, we are happy to set your ticket to redeemable again and you are welcome to come down on another day to participate in the zip.

Do you offer a resident discount?

Residents of Brighton and Hove (living in postcodes BN1, BN2, BN3, and BN41) are eligible for our resident discount ticket. Ticket Name (Prices): “Resident Single” – £11 “Resident Dual” – £20 This discount is available at the Brighton Zip ticket office only, upon presentation of: [Proof of address (a utility bill dated from the last 3 months or paper/ photo driving license)]. We can now take bookings for resident tickets, but discounts can not be applied to existing purchases.

Are there any age, height or weight restrictions?

Yes there are, the minimum age for both our rides is 6, the weight minimum is 30kg & the weight maximum is 120kg and the height minimum is 1.3m.

Before Booking

How do I book?

Either book online through our booking system, which will only take a few minutes, or give a member of our team a call Monday - Friday 09:00am to 17:00pm

When are you open?

Our opening times are Mon-Sun 12:00 -Late (Summer Period), however this can be weather dependent. Updates will be on our website, however, please see our booking terms and conditions on how to reschedule if weather conditions do not permit a ride down the zip. Our ticket office at the zip is open Sat & Sun 10 - 6.


From September 1st 2020 untill next summer 2021 we will be only be open weekends only but we do open for school half terms in between those times.

What if I want to cancel/change my booking?

Please see our booking terms and conditions on how to reschedule or enquire about our cancellations.

Who can take the challenge for the Brighton Zip and Drop Zone?
  • Minimum weight 30kg (subject to weather conditions)
  • Maximum weight 120kg (wind related weight limitations when there is a tail wind)
  • Minimum height 1.3metres


Weights can vary depending on weather conditions therefore for health and safety reasons you may be asked to weigh yourself on scales prior to kitting up. (We are not operating our drop zone right now)

I might need additional support/Do I need to be fit and strong?

Here at the Brighton Zip we want to welcome everyone. However, our Zip and Dropzone are designed to be accessible to most people, they do require a certain physical ability. For some people, this may mean that the risks of injury may still be too great despite being able to cater for the majority of people. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any requirements you may have and we will be happy to assist to the best of our ability.

What if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Our staff at the Brighton Zip are not medically qualified and so are not in a position to personally assess our zippers and jumpers. When booking you will fill out a waiver and it remains your responsibility to undertake such an assessment prior to coming on the Brighton Zip and Dropzone.

Can I zip and jump if i'm pregnant?

Unfortunately you cannot.

On the day

What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable clothing and closed toes shoes, this is imperative. Dress for the weather, and make sure your stomach area is covered. No swimwear, skirts or jewellery. Long hair should be tied back.

When do I need to arrive?

Make your way to the Brighton Zip and be ready to begin your flight or drop 10 minutes before your booked time! As for late arrivals, we will attempt to cater for you on the next available time slot, but please refer to our booking terms and conditions.

Are there storage facilities?

We have a set of lockers on site with wrist keys that are to be worn on your wrist for the duration of your experience. Any other larger belongings should be left with spectating family and friends. The Brighton Zip cannot accept liability of any items lost or damaged whilst in our care or kept on your person during your ride. We recommend you leave valuable items at home.

Do I need to bring any paper work?

Only your online ticket, either on a mobile smartphone or print at home and additionally you will need to sign your waiver on arrival. Once this has been completed, you are ready to go!


Can I smoke or vape?

Smoking and vaping is not permitted whilst you are kitted up and on the ride.

What harnesses do you use?

We use Petzl full body harnesses, Simbas for the smaller children, and Newtons for the larger children and adults.

Do you wear a helmet?

Yes, helmets must be worn at all times.

Is the Brighton Zip insured?

Yes it is, the Brighton Zip holds £10m of public liability insurance covering both of it's attractions

Changing your Booking

Cancelling your booking.

Any concerns and queries with bookings, please look at our booking terms and conditions or contact us directly via email or telephone.


Take the Challenge and conquer the Brighton Zip

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Opening times 12pm – 6pm

Weekends only

Please head over to our FAQ’s for more COVID-19 information and our practices.

All bookings previously purchased are valid for a year (from purchase date). If your ticket(s) is reaching this limit please contact us at for further validation time on your purchase(s).


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