The Drop Zone


Always know what you’ll pay.

All our tickets can be booked online with quick email confirmation.
If for any reason you cannot make your pre-booked session or if the Zip is closed due to adverse weather conditions, your ticket is valid for one year and there is no need to re-book.

A unique freefall experience

Take the 90 steps up the Zip Tower tp the summit, 24 meters above Brighton Beach.  Step up to the edge where you take a leap off of our Drop Zone, a thrilling free fall device unlike any other.

Plummet from the summit of our Drop Zone.

An exhilarating experience for those who want a whirlwind of an adrenaline rush.

Your experience can be captured on an action video from start to finish!

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Drop Zone

(currently unavailable)


Single Rider

Zip Wire & Drop Zone

(currently unavailable)


Single Rider

Although some of our slots may say unavailable when you are trying to book, we still hold back tickets for all time slots to cater for walk-ups! So please do come down and visit us any day of the week, and we will be more than happy to cater for you so you can enjoy the fun too!

“Awesome, what a rush!”


Take the Challenge and conquer the Brighton Zip

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